Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab

Soft shell crab, also known as mud crab, has a slightly sweetish and distinct taste and is easy to prepare.
Crabs belonging to the group of arthropods, periodically shed their outer shell. This natural process, called molting, simply enables the crab to increase in size and get rid of its possibly damaged exoskeleton. As the crab is being harvested shortly after they have molted, when their exoskeleton is soft, understanding the entire molting cycle is very crucial for farmers.

Since the crab can be eaten whole, this specific harvest timing is important as otherwise the exoskeleton will start hardening again, making the end product less delicious. A popular way to prepare the soft shell crab is by battering and frying them. It results in tender meat with a crispy exterior. Soft shell crab sourced by Lenk Frozen Foods Ltd., is originating from Bangladesh.

    Product specifications

  • Scientific name:
    Scylla Serrata
  • Form:
    Whole, Whole cleaned with claws
  • Available sizes:
    Colossal, Whale, Jumbo, Prime, Hotel, Medium
  • Freezing method:
    IQF, Semi-IQF
  • Processing:
  • Production method:

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