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Lenk Group, a transnational company in seafood, has been established out of passion. Passion for Asia, Passion for Seafood. It all started in 1983 when founder Mr. Heiko Werner Lenk had his first visit to Asia. Impressed by the different way of life, the cordiality of the local people and the fantastic variety of delicious seafood Mr. Lenk immediately had the idea of introducing the culture and great seafood assortment in a clear, vast and well-organized manner to Europe. Ideas have been put in practice; Lenk Frozen Foods Asia in Bangkok and Lenk Seafood Services GmbH in Bargteheide were established in 2003.

With the eagerness to learn, a drive to continuously develop, a comprehensive network of producers and a warm and creative team of people, several sub enterprises including a producing company, have been established throughout the years, each serving different markets, all constantly meeting the requirements of its stakeholders.

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Lenk History


Mr. Heiko Werner Lenk had his first visit to Asia; the idea of introducing the Asian culture and seafood assortment in Europe was born.


Two business entities were established; Lenk Frozen Foods (Asia) Co. Ltd, right at the heart of the Asian Seafood Industry, in Bangkok, Thailand and Lenk Seafood Services GmbH, in Bargteheide, Germany.


This year Lenk opened its Domestic Department in Thailand with first imports and sales to the Thai Seafood Industry and Food Service Sector.


Dedication and Heart for Sustainability have been proven; Lenk is Worlds first company with ASC certification (Aqua Stewardship Council), license number ASC-C-00001


Lenk was the first to market ASC certified Tilapia. In order to serve our customers even better, LFFA’s European division was established: Lenk Frozen Foods Europe.


Vietnam, being one of LENK’s main sourcing countries and known for its versatile seafood & fish assortment, has led to the official foundation of Lenk Vietnam.


A new decade, a new reach; Luna Shrimp FARMS has been founded. A Premium Bangladeshi Black Tiger Shrimp, farmed by selected small-scale farmers and fully supervised from post larvae to end-delivery.

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