Lenk wouldn’t be Lenk without providing a throughout service. “We dare to say Lenk is a One Stop Seafood Service Provider”. Collaborating with Lenk stands for long-term, instead of short-term. Is almost a marriage; goodbye one-dayfly. Means clear, explicit though personal communication; farewell endless conversations. Services are provided on a constant basis, it’s embedded in our working method and philosophy. Some services are automatically included, other services are free to be selected.

Product Development & Assortment Optimization

Having its own R&D Department and in-house knowledge, Lenk is capable of developing and creating new seafood concepts and ideas, as well as quick scanning your existing assortment and providing a throughout analysis and advisory report.

Packaging and Labelling Design

Employing a specific Design Team, acquainted with the latest trends, Lenk is able to improve, conceptualize and develop your seafood brand and packaging. Labels are constantly according to the latest regulations.

Quality Control, Inspection & Supervision

Lenk’s comprehensive producer network is audited on a regular basis. To assure that quality and specifications are in line with food safety, customers’ expectations and regulations, each order is constantly tested, inspected and accompanied by our own people at each stage throughout the supply chain; from production until loading. A profound inspection report including lab analysis is provided prior to shipment.

Logistic management

From organizing all import formalities such as customs and veterinary clearance, to “door to door” delivery via our Local Distribution Partners and Directly Warehouse Delivery, Lenk constantly guards that you get your ordered products in the right way and at the right location. T1 and Planned Programming also belong to the possibilities.

Marketing support

Lenk’s Marketing Team is there to serve as a critical sounding board and potentially conceptualize your ideas. From content writing to creating marketing material such as flyers and brochures.

Management of control

Control and Accuracy is in our genes; at Lenk we make sure that the product is being sourced, processed and transported according to the customer’s requirements by constantly managing and monitoring the entire chain.

Throughout Purchase Advice & Market Intelligence

Lenk is all about seafood sourcing; getting the right product, at the right time and place, for the right price, in the right manner. Producers are being selected based on customer’s requirements and specifications. Customers are being accurately informed about market-fluctuations, changes and developments at origin, via personal contact and market reports. Consolidated containers belong to the possibilities.

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