Lenk Seafood Services GmbH

LENK has its roots both in Asia and Europe. Being right at the source as well as close to our customers, is utmost important in order to be able to deliver high quality products and to be of service throughout the entire supply chain.

LENK’s European office LENK Seafood Services GmbH, located in Bargteheide, Germany, functions as the distribution and service arm from where our welcoming team is delighted to support you.

Organization of import formalities

Interested in outsourcing all import formalities? LENK Team is there to make sure your ordered goods arrive at the right location, with the correct documents and passed the customs and veterinary clearance. T1 belong to the possibilities.

Door to door delivery

Rather spend your time efficiently and make sure your goods are transported from port to final destination? LENK Team assures that your products arrive in good condition.

Planned Programming

Would you prefer to receive your ordered goods based on a certain time frame? For instance 2 MT a month? Planned Programming is one of the options LENK provides.

Private Labelling

Employing a specific Design Team, acquainted with the latest trends, LENK is able to improve, conceptualize and develop your seafood brand and packaging. Labels are constantly according to the latest regulations.

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