Our Values

The world is constantly facing challenges. Examples are inequality, waste management and emission output. Topics in which organisations, ‘the engines of the world’, have the possibility to create positive impact, for both our people and the environment.

Lenk’s mission is to contribute in creating a society and environment that fosters and nurtures the next generations. How? By providing Excellent Asian Seafood in a fair, responsible and safe manner. In what way? By being passionate in what we do, by maintaining personal contact, having short-communication-lines and regularly screening our stakeholders.

Personal Contact based on Trust

At Lenk Personal Contact based on trust is key. Thanks to our reliable and valuable customers, employees and producer network we have been able to execute our mission for approximately 2 decades.

Quality in Product, Quality in Service

If you think Lenk, Product Quality and Throughout Service are for granted. A stable and consistent quality is constantly provided. It starts at the moment of your inquiry and never ends with a long-term business relationship.

Seafood is our Passion

And it definitely is! At Lenk we simply love seafood. Its taste, its healthiness and its structure. We are passionate about our products and that is why we provide Excellent Asian Seafood in a fair, responsible and safe manner.

Respect and Responsibility

In all we do. It’s simply embedded in our Corporate Culture. We have respect for each other, execute our tasks in a responsible manner and make sure you will get a delicious product that has been cultivated, harvested, produced, packed and transported in a safe working environment.

Commitment to Excellence

At Lenk we have an aversion to the words "sufficient" and "good". Excellent is our target. From providing clear, detailed and rapid feedback, to eventually excelling in the supply of a great product.

Innovation runs through our Veins

And that is being reflected in the numerous distinguishing products that Lenk has been creating for its customers, as well as in the establishment of multiple Lenk sub enterprises, each one of them responding to the continuously changing consumer market and its behavior.

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