Lenk welcomes Sascha & Luna production started

Lenk Seafood Germany, welcomes Sascha Volkmann, Head of European Stock Business

Bringing almost 2 decades of seafood knowledge, a good thrive, the right spirit and experience in both purchasing and sales, Sascha aims to further develop Lenk Seafood Services’ activities into the right direction. Together with Volkmann’s expertise, being mainly Asian seafood, he matches very well with Lenk; a full-service provider bringing excellent seafood from Asia. “Having had a good experience at my former employers during which I worked both as a sales- and purchase manager, this is a great opportunity that I couldn’t resist; I have the complete freedom to work towards the right direction”, is what Sascha said. And that’s in fact where Lenk’s company culture stands for; you have the freedom to develop the department and yourself, as long as you go for it and take initiative.

Volkmann continues: “After having finished my education at a German wholesaler, I executed the 9-month national military service and eventually started my career in the seafood sector. Simply by coincidence, but I definitely don’t regret it; its diversity in products and all that is being associated with the business, makes every single day completely different”. Even though Lenk’s assortment exclusively consists of Asian Seafood, its diversity is indeed very broad; from well-known Black Tiger and Vannamei Shrimps, to Parrotfish and different kinds of octopus and squid species; an assortment that may be even further personalized with our R&D Team.

Sascha sees Lenk as an international company, that, despite its multiple locations, remains having a family character. With his few days at Lenk, he noticed this very well. Short lines are constantly there, whether it’s with producers, customers or colleagues, either from abroad or national, and always a sincere interest in how someone’s doing, is what makes Lenk.

Anything that caught Sascha’s eye in particular? Lenk’s perspective towards digitalization. Even though personal contact remains being most important, Lenk believes indigitalizing, and so does Sascha. “The projects that are in the pipeline are very interesting. All we can say is digitalization saves you time for doing other things. Of course, phone call and emailing will always remain for those familiar with and not interested in change”.

Would you like to get in touch with Sascha by email or phone? Please contact him via s.volkmann@lenk-seafood.de +49 4532 28808-14


First Black Tiger production from Luna Seafoods Bangladesh is a fact

Despite the unprecedented circumstances that we’re all experiencing, we’re very proud to announce that production is on and our first shrimp containers are going to be shipped this August. Ahsan Jamil, General Manager at LENK Group Bangladesh entity “Luna Seafoods Ltd”: “Direction is so much more important than speed; step by step we’re getting there”.

“We started the production with our own team in July, executed multiple test productions with smaller quantities and are eventually producing container volumes for various customers”, he added.

Where we’re getting the product from?
From so-called “Shrimp Collection Centers” that we have established, 7 in total. From these mini sheds that are strategically well located (close to the ponds which are owned by 1.700 farmers), fresh product is put on ice and immediately being collected by Lenk’s own trucks. Driving a “fixed” and efficient route and producing right upon arrival, shortens the supply chain and guarantees the best quality.

Are you interested in Luna product, derived from pure extensive farming where no feed nor antibiotics have been given or used, product that’s been produced under own Lenk Management? Please click here for more information or contact us via info@luna-seafoods.com


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