Luna Shrimp Farms is joining ASC’s Improver Programme

Luna Shrimp Farms is joining ASC’s Improver Programme with a total number of 125 small-scale farmers, aiming to develop a sustainable supply chain model for Bangladeshi Monodon

Hard work is starting to pay off; we are honored to share that together with ASC’s Improver Programme, a framework for credible Aquaculture Improvements Projects (AIPs), officially launched during this week’s 2nd edition of Global Shrimp Forum, we are working on launching the very first ASC Group Certification in Bangladesh ~ owned by Luna Shrimp Farms.

Luna Shrimp Farms has been founded to develop a higher appreciation for Bangladeshi Black Tiger Shrimp, by improving and shortening the supply chain from post larvae to end production, being its final vision to pursue the right for nature, farmers and consumer health. Matching perfectly with ASC’s mission “to transform the aquaculture industry towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility” and their creation of the Improver Programme. A special programme for farmers who are ready to improve their farming practices but not yet meet ASC’s strict standard’ requirements.

So far 5 clusters have been selected, each consisting of 25 small-scale farmers, training has been provided and 4 collection centers have been established to improve efficiency.

Keen to follow the project and see where the farms are located? Please have a look here As well as keep an eye on our Socials to follow the completion of the project.

Please contact us for more details and information via We are excited to tell you more!


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