Peter ter Heide MD Lenk Frozen Foods

Peter ter Heide appointed as
Managing Director Lenk Frozen Foods

Heiko Lenk, CEO and founder of Thailand headquartered LENK Group has taken first steps to hand over its Group “Service Activities” to a new generation, Mr. Peter ter Heide.

“Peter has grown into LENK’s service business activities for almost a decade now of which he spent 50% at our Bangkok Office. Bringing in his passion, commitment and dedication, he took his part to strengthen the Group’s service division even further, and so it is the next logic “movement” to hand over the responsibility of this division to Peter”, Heiko Lenk says.

“With a background in Aquaculture and Fisheries, his international industry knowledge from multiple angles, and well developed management skills, Peter is definitely competent in further developing one of LENK Group’s main activities; sourcing the right product for the European market”, Heiko Lenk adds.

Mr. Lenk himself will remain CEO of the company, and will fully concentrate on the Group Management and further expansion of its operations in Asia.                    

Heiko Lenk
Founder & CEO of
LENK Group

July 2022

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