LENK and Zeal Aqua have strengthened ties

Seafood Passionates India based Zeal Aqua Ltd., pioneer in Black Tiger shrimp farming, and Thailand headquartered LENK Frozen Foods Ltd., the “one stop seafood sourcing and service provider”, both established approximately two decades ago, agreed to enhance their relationship in which Zeal Aqua conveys its European Business Development activities to LENK Frozen Foods Ltd.

“As a partner of import, we want to strengthen our Asian network further, by offering importers frozen shrimp products which are coming from producers who are providing a fully integrated supply chain, and includes processing shrimp of its own farmed materials. The main focus will be expanding the markets in Southern Europe, where Black Tiger is still a strong niche market next to Vannamei, Peter ter Heide, Managing Director of LENK Europe initiates.

“Having collaborated with Zeal Aqua for years, an organization that appreciates the same values and has lots of similarities such as a proactive company culture, becoming official representatives was a logic subsequent step”, Peter continues.

Does it change a lot? “Not much. Screening the Asian producer network on a regular basis is part of our standard procedure, we will continue the same path as we did before though based on putting a stronger focus on products coming out of responsible aquaculture, Peter replies. “As we see the transition towards more vertical integration and transparency along the supply chain happening, we logically work with strong partners like ZEAL who have vast expertise in farming and sustainability included in their business model. For instance through ASC certification and by farming a native species to the Indian subcontinent like Penaeus Monodon”, he complements.

Zeal Aqua’s Managing Director Mr. Rohan Navik adds, “being directly in the farming area and having over 300 hectares of ponds with fresh high quality shrimp, we are even more delighted to have the privilege to work with our partners in Europe and supply them with Zeal Aqua’s farmed and produced Black Tiger shrimps.”

“While targeting an output of more than 2.000 M/T of Black Tiger shrimp from our own cultivation in 2023, we are planning to sell approximately 50% of the volume in the EU market through the new partnership with LENK this year, Rohan added.

Zeal Aqua in a few lines 

  • 160 farms, spread over 300 hectares of land
  • Own in-house laboratory
  • No use of antibiotics
  • Maximum 25 km distance between ponds and plant
  • Annual production output of 2000 tonnes
  • 500+ workers
  • Possessing cumulative farming experience of 40+ years
  • 1st ASC certified Black Tiger pond in India, as well as farming ASC certified Vannamei

LENK Frozen Foods in a few lines

  • Present in 10+ countries
  • 10.000+ MT fish & seafood annually
  • Worlds’ first company ASC certified
  • Supplying a broad and diverse buyers market
  • Present at the source
  • 50+ employees

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