Digital Inquiry and Order Process Platform

LENK Seafood expands its European trade business with the support of a new digital sourcing tool





LENK Seafood Services GmbH Germany, the European distribution and service arm of LENK GROUP ASIA, expands its European customer services operation by the launch of a brand new and fully functional Digital Inquiry and Order Process Platform under the name

“As service has always been one of the main pillars of our company LENK, it has helped us grow and gain a reputation of being a Customer-Tailored-Seafood-Solution-Provider to its long-term clients”, is how Sascha Volkmann, General Manager of LENK Europe explains LENK’s unique performance. “We have now entered the next phase by granting customer service through the support of a fully digitalized order process which is currently in a pre-subscription phase and will be officially introduced at the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona” Volkmann adds.

This newly developed digital sourcing and order tool will enable LENK’s European customers to expand their sourcing network in an easy and time efficient manner. The sourcing process will take less than a minute, and will subsequently be taken over by LENK team who verifies the product search inquiries and approves further digitial sharing amongst its registered supplying import companies in Europe.

“With the implementation of, we are digitalizing a part of the individual work flow of each order process” Volkmann continues. “With our international network and operation, we are aiming to grow gradually and become one of the leading service companies in the European seafood sector” he says.

Being registered at, its members will automatically be linked together and paired with the personal services of LENK, which brings the following advantages:

  • As a member you decide in which transaction you’d like to be involved
  • No junk communication. You will only get notified for selected products
  • Fine-tune your product searches incl. desired packaging and language details
  • LENK team verifies your specific demand and assures that your requirements will be handled with care
  • Smooth assurance of the entire sourcing and order procedure until product reaches your desired warehouse
  • Logistic services and Quality assurance guaranteed
  • No hustle with unnecessary and time consuming documentation, transportation and certification work
  • Lenk shoulders the payment risk by buying directly from the supplier

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