What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is a 20 fcl.

How am I informed about the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) of my ordered goods?
Does ShrimpForYou.com only include shrimps are also other seafood products?

At the moment ShrimpForYou.com only includes shrimps.

Is there any contact form, in case I need any assistance/help?

Yes, you can either contact us via the general contact form or via the chat box.

Will the other party (the importer or producer) receive my full contact details and e-mail address?
Can I do a counteroffer as an importer?
How can I reject an offer?
Who is the owner of ShrimpForYou.com?

The owner of ShrimpForYou.com is Lenk Frozen Foods Europe.

When purchasing through ShrimpForYou.com, is a quality control at origin included?


I have a special inquiry and need some assistance in creating a tailormade product.

Is this something ShrimpForYou.com can help me with?

Yes. One of the services provided by ShrimpForYou.com is Product Development.

Are the import duties included in the offer?

No, the import duties are not included in the offer. At ShrimpForYou.com you can find the latest import duties and easily calculate your cost price.

How does the market place work?

At the market place you can find specific offers provided by producers.

Who are the users of ShrimpForYou.com?

The users of ShrimpForYou.com are importers and producers. No-one else gets access to ShrimpForYou.com

How can I easily compare the offers?

com includes a compare function which provides you a clear overview of the received offers.

Which documents will I get, along with the purchased goods?

Along with the purchased goods, you will receive the following documents from the producer: EUR1, microbiological analysis report, The Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED),

Can I fine-tune my inquiry on different levels such as country, certification?

Yes you can easily fin-tune your inquiry on various levels, including on country and certification.

How long is the offer valid?

The validity of your offer will be stated in the offer itself.

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