About us

About us

About us

Transparency is key. Digitalization is an everyday term. Globalization is the standard. And English is nowadays our second mother-tongue. Why not purchasing directly at the source via ShrimpForYou?

You start your inquiry by selecting the species you’re looking for and you can fine-tune it by inserting specific information such as sizes, glazing and origin. And that’s not even about it. Packaging Design and Product Development belong to the multiple services provided by ShrimpForYou. Is your inquiry “ready” and would you like to send it to those producers who demonstrate working according to a sustainable code of conduct? At ShrimpForYou you can easily fine-tune your inquiry.

Afraid of losing track and being overwhelmed with multiple offers?
ShrimpForYou includes a compare function where you can get a clear overview of all offers in one single shot.

Having sufficient stock? ShrimpForYou is also a reliable source where you can get valuable information about the seafood sector including “Weekly Price Data”, “Import Duties” and detailed information on country level.

Still having some questions? Feel free to give us a call or write us a message.
Ready to get yourself access? Let’s connect and welcome at ShrimpForYou.

Ohw yes, one more thing, you have to be either an importer or a producer.

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