Vannamei Shrimps | raw, peeled, deveined

Frozen Vannamei shrimps Peeled / Deveined, packed in plain bags with the following 6 different languages displayed on each single bag as well as on the master carton: English, Dutch, French, German, Polish and Danish. These premium aquaculture shrimps are cut deveined and strictly passed Lenk Quality Control, are known for their reliable and stable quality and assure a correct weight and count.


1 master carton includes 10 bags, each bag contains 1kg gross weight/800 gram net weight.

    Product specifications
  • Species:
    Vannamei (Litopenaeus vannamei)
  • Form:
    raw, peeled, deveined
  • Glaze:
  • Freezing method:
  • Gross weight:
    10 bags of 1kg
  • Net weight:
    10 bags of 800 gram
  • Origin:
  • Catching method:

Available sizes
  • SizeArticle number

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