Seatiger from Chilika Lake

is one of the exclusive products at Lenk. These Wild Caught Black Tiger Shrimps are besides being regarded as a worldwide unique delicacy, caught in a special environment named “Chilika Lake”, located in the Bay of Bengal, India. The carefully protected Chilika Lake is a great habitat for numerous animals and plants and a means of living for numerous fishermen.

“Together with our partner we source the best quality, a premium shrimp that originates from a natural habitat”.

These shrimps are harvested by trawlers and its size is one of the uniquenesses of this product. The Chilika Lake Black Tiger Shrimp can grow up to 13 inches and its commercial size starts from 2/4, in HOSO, HLSO and PD. The catching season begins in July and ends in April. Only limited quantities are obtainable.

“Uniquely available at Lenk. Premium Quality Guaranteed”. 

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